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July 07, 2020

Is your favorite class is leaving school this year? Let us show you some ways to keep them remember you fondly. 

Here are some wonderful gift ideas for students from teachers at the end of year

1. Sidewalk Chalk

Gift for student - Sidewalk Chalk

It is not only a toy but also a wonderful way to have students practice their writing, drawing, and problem-solving skills. From tic-tac-toe to hangman, the activities are only limited to your imagination. 

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Gift for student - Reusable Bottle

A nifty, reusable bottle encourages students to move and stay hydrated during the summer. you can even fill the bottle with soda or snacks. Your students are going to be healthy and refreshed to start out the new school year.

3. Word Cloud

Gift for student from teachers - Wordcloud

Using free websites like Wordle, create a customized word cloud for the schoolers. Take a favorite essay they’ve written this year or a heartwarming note they sent you and paste the text on the web site. The commonly used words appear more prominently. you'll pick funky-shaped clouds like an apple or a thumbs-up. 

4. Books and More Books

Gift for students from teachers - Books

If you have any of books to spare at the classroom library, let each student keep a book of their choice. I let my students select books from our take-home library, and they are super excited to get to keep a memory of the classroom. If you have nothing to spare, try to check discount bookstores, like Half Price Books, before making big purchases.

It’s the perfect gifts for students from teachers for end of year.

5. Summer Journal

Gift for students from teacher - Journal

Write a heartfelt note to each student on the inside of each journal. You can even write prompts on some pages to encourage your students to keep writing all summer. 

If buying spiral or composition notebooks is not possible, staple 10-20 sheets of paper together.

6. Keepsake Photo with Teacher

Gift for students from teacher - Keepsake photo

Take a photograph with every student then print them. On the back of each photo, write your favorite memory of every student, or maybe some words of encouragement for them in the future. 

Just remember, whatever you give your students, they're going to treasure it anyway because it came from you.

It’s the perfect gifts for students from teachers for end of year.

7. Throw some shade

Gift for students from teacher - Sunglasses

You can pick up some inexpensive sunglasses at the dollar store or you can order in bulk online. Once you have acquired the sunglasses, make some tags with encouraging messages and throw some shade on your students.

8. Give ’em s’more

Gift for student from teacher - Smore

If you get everything in bulk, this will be a cheap gift. You can create your own printable, or use some pre-made tag online. But whatever the case, make sure your students get this loving sweet.

It’s the perfect gifts for students from teachers for end of year.

9. Owl miss you

Gift for student from teacher - Owl Miss You

Everyone loves cute gifts, and this one is extremely cute. There are number of things you can utilize for the body of the owl. Be creative, and try to find what works best for your students.

10. Time to get crazy

Gift for student from teacher - Straw

This is such an inexpensive and cute dollar gift idea. Plus, you know your students are going to use it! 

This is definitely a cute gift and it is not even costly at all. And your students are going to love it. Create your own design or download it from this awesome Etsy store.

11. Last-day bookmark

Gift for student from teacher - Bookmark

This is something that your students can participate in. It will make a wonderful gift for them on their last day. These bookmarks will be a cute reminder for your students.

It’s the perfect gifts for students from teachers for end of year.

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