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Do you wonder how to print your name on a mug and never got the answer? In this blog, I will give you some advice before you decide to get a name mug.

To make it easier for you, I will include some quick-access links so you can jump to the part you want. 

Why do you need a name mug?

Choose a perfect mug to print my name.

Some tips to make your name mug’s design stand out

How will I print my name on a mug?

So do let me ask you a question, why do you need a name coffee mug?

Why do you need a name mug?

Coffee mugs are always one of the most common pieces of drinkware that everybody has. And what is a better way to get your message across than slapping some decoration on top of that?

Maybe all that blank space on a plain coffee should be riddled with your name.

Mug for print

“But is it appropriate to slam my name on a mug?”, you may ask. Well, that depends on your purposes.

So what are you planning to do with these name coffee mug?


Coffee mugs make a great canvas for your business logo or to prominently display your business name on it. Because of their usefulness, a coffee mug is less likely to be discarded and may even be used daily.

So that each time someone takes a sip from a mug with your business name on it, you will get some more exposure for your company.


A name coffee mug is a wonderful gift for any occasion. So if you are looking for a special gift, a name mug is a perfect choice. 

To make it more special, you can add some inspirational sayings or custom artwork to go with the name print. That mug will surely be the perfect sentiment for any occasion.

Home Décor

A set of name-printed mugs can be just the right way to decorate your living rooms. It is not only a handy set of mugs but also a prompt way to tell who is the boss in that living room. (they are sipping coffee from a mug with YOUR NAME on it). 

A helpful suggestion should be a favorite saying of yours coupled with the name on the mugs. It is a hell of a dual combo.

print your name on this mug

So have you figured out your purpose? Let’s choose a suitable mug. 

Choosing A Perfect Mug To Print My Name.

Like I have mentioned before, the mug selection will heavily depend on your purpose. 

I have a huge blog post explaining various mug size. But for the sake of time-saving, I will list out some choices that I deem viable. (You can explore other choices by reading that blog here)

Classic Mug 

The most common mug size for printing is the classic mug with the size of 11 oz or 15 oz. If you are a fan of coffee, you tend to have more than one of these in your house. 

Classic Mug

It is super useful while having enough space for any printing on the side. This should be the choice on top of your head whenever you think of having a name mug. 

Oversize Classic Mug

What is better than coffee? More coffee, of course.

Sometimes, it is just not enough with the normal mug. Maybe you need more space for your name, that is when an oversize classic mug comes in place. 

oversize mug

And if you are thinking of having some extra-long quote to go with a personalized name mug, that extra room will sure be handy.

Travel Tumbler.

This might wander off the “coffee mug” territory, but I will still include it as a plausible choice. It is a super handy appliance, and you will end up using it more than ever if you spend extra time on the road. 

Also, the cylindrical shape makes it is the perfect canvas for any creativity. So you have a perfect spot to slap your name on it. 


Those are the 3 most feasible choice for printing your name. I hope you can choose your favorite one. Let’s move to the designing bit. 

So how are you going to design for this masterpiece of yours? Let me give you some tips.

Some Tips to Make Your Name Mug Design Stand Out

So, you’ve decided to make your own coffee mug design — fantastic! And I suppose you have already got a design of your own at this point (or at least an idea)

Maybe you will need a few heads up just to keep your mug design remains head-and-shoulders above the rest.

1. Plan It Out

You need to make a list of properties that your mug design will possess. You may use the list below as a simple frame, but do add more of your own ideas.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Is your design going to fit within the mug surface?
  • Will you print the design on one side or you will cover the whole mug?
  • Will there be anything in the inside of the mug?
  • How many colors will the design use?
  • Will the design be permanent, washable, dishwasher-safe, or microwaveable?

2. Choose a Durable Base Mug

It is always best to have a long-lasting design on a mug. One way to make sure this will happen is by having a durable base mug.

Also, choose a dishwasher-safe so that your mug will be easier, and safer, to clean.

print your mug

3. Choose Your Color Wisely

Adding some color in your design is a great way to spice up the mug. But sometimes, too much color is just too much, and they will end up ruining the design. 

Be really picky and specific when choosing your color. My advice here is to choose a color palette that works and stick closely to it if you are new to designing (if you know what you are doing, then play with the palette however you like).

Another thing to keep in mind, when you want to print in bulk, using fewer colors can save you a lot of money.

4. Extra Room Is Extra Good

Well, I can’t really argue much when it comes to the saying “Bigger is better”. 

Most people will be more than happy to have more space to pour their coffee. And it is also a great idea to have a bigger cup as it provides you with more room for the design

As well as allowing you to cut down on refills by providing a larger portion of your favorite drink, big mugs also fit more comfortably into the hands.

5. Don’t Plagiarize

Sometimes it is better to have some artworks or sayings together on your name mug. But be aware that many sayings and artwork are copyrighted and can’t be reproduced without getting permission from the owner of the work.

Print your name on this mug

Those are some important notes that you should look into when designing your name mug. Now with all things is set, maybe it’s time to choose how you print the mugs. 

How Will I Print My Name On A Mug

With A Professional Printing Service.

Since you have put a ton of work in your design, it’s best to have it printed with a professional printing brand like Family Panda. 

We have hundreds of designs, already in stock for you to choose from, or you can get your own design to be printed by uploading it through an online portal.

With us, your design will be printed in perfect condition, with sharp, clear colors and unbeatable durability. 

print my name on a mug

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