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July 06, 2020 4 min read

What is the best way to start a school year on the right foot?

This blog post is for teachers looking for awesome ideaspreparing for thereturn to school!

Many kids deal with a lot of strong emotions on the first day of school such as jitters, excitement, anxiety. One of their worries is how to make new friends in a new environment!

Starting off the year with funny games can break the ice and help students get to know each other and build relationships during the first week of school. So that's why back to school activities for kids are getting more and more common!

“Building a solid community in your classroom is important to start a great year!”

Here are 6 amazing and easy Back To School activities to help you do just that! Help your kid get more excited and ease their anxiety on the return to school with this collection of crafts, games, and all-around fun ideas for starting the new school year off right.

These are activities that can be done across the grades! They’re not only for fun but also teaches the students crucial skills of listening to one another, and presenting their ideas in front of the crowd!

It is not easy to get a shy student to speak up! Now let’s start with get-to-know activities!

Activity 1: Nice mmm'ing you

Everyone loves mnm’s chocolate. Besides eating them, you could also make use of them for a fun back to school lesson.
Firstly, the teacher divides the mnm’s over a few cups and share them with students. Kids now have to pick out a mnm blindfolded and tell a story or answer the question which matches with the color.

This is the way kids can feel most comfortable sharing something personal to him or her!

Some sample questions to write on the white board, the teacher needs to change them to make them suitable for the grade!

Tell us

  • Red: something about yesterday
  • Orange: something about your family
  • Yellow: something you do well
  • Blue: something you learned last week
  • Brown: something you can’t live without
  • Green: something you love watching or listening to

One more thing that students can eat the mnm’s after finishing the question.

Activity 2: Randomness

Spin a “name” wheel to generate a student and ask them to talk about a randomly selected topic which is chosen from another “question” wheel.
A more simple rule is, you can give a specific topic first and spin the wheel to see which student is chosen.
You can learn to make the Randomness game spinner so easily on Youtube following this link:
Topics may include:

  • What would you do if you won a 1 million dollars lottery?
  • What if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for?
  • If you have no sleep at all but still live well, how would you spend all your nights
  • What is your favorite place on earth?
  • What is your biggest dream?

More interesting and creative questions here for your reference:

Activity 4 : Bingo

The Back to School Bingo game is an amazing ice-breaker activity suitable for middle school children as it will help them to get to know their classmates.
The goal of this activity is to get your students up and moving around to meet other classmates.
Firstly, teachers prepare a Bingo Card and in each square, write a brief description (need to be general), such as:

  • Lives close to school
  • Lives far from school
  • Likes chicken
  • Love juice
  • Has 2 siblings
  • Loves sports
  • Can juggle
  • Challenge your students to go around the room, asking classmates some questions. When they have a match, they are allowed to tick off that square. Who is the first person to bingo is the winner!
    You can check the sample bingo card here!

Activity 5: Beach Ball Questions

The teacher prepares a ball which has many questions on that!

You can use apermanent marker to write on the surface of the ball!

This get-to-know-you game allows brains and bodies to work simultaneously. Whoever catches the ball has to answer the question that their thumbs land on!

The questions can be related to their interests, dreams, favorite things, family,...

Activity 6 The Dot Game

At this game, classmates can have fun and get to know each other.
In fact, the “dot game” helps students focus on the key aspects of leadership: listening, communicating, serving and guiding others.

And all you need are 4-5 colored stickers, depending on your class size!

You can use 4 or 5 dots of each color.

Firstly, instruct all the students to close their eyes. (No cheating!) Then place a colored sticker on each member’s forehead. The objective is finding your “dot group” (where all the members have the same color dot on their heads) without talking
Once the entire club has assembled into their dot groups, have the club officers lead a discussion on how the club worked together to achieve this goal.

Reflection questions:
• How were we able to communicate without talking?
• How important was it to pay attention to everyone in the group and not just one person?
• What strategies worked? What strategies did not work?
• How can we take what we learned from this activity to help achieve club goal

In conclusion…

These back to school activities are brilliant ways to get students back into the swing of school after the summer break. This teach students multiple skills from arts and crafts to presenting and social skills

Which one is your favorite?Leave your comments here...

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