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Father's day is right around the corner but you still have enough time to create your plan right now. We have 5 options of Father's day celebration ideas for your reference to make your dad's day the most special one in a year  

Outdoor Father’s day activities - Father's Day Celebration Ideas

Going outside and take some fresh air's always a nice choice. I'm afraid that if we can do in this Quaratine time or not but anyway, below are some of suggestions for you:

Take a walk in the park, or hit an easy hiking trail

hiking - Father's Day Celebration Idea 1

Here's an easy way to impress dad on his special day: Take a walk in the park, or hit an easy hiking trail (a great way to escape the city and you should also let your father choose the trail), or through the neighborhood to enjoy the great outdoors. it's also a good occasion for you to have a bonding conversation with your dad

Check out some Father’s day personalized stainless steel tumbler for travel

Pamper him with a spa day

spa - Father's Day Celebration Idea 2

You can also treat him to a relaxing massage in a spa nearby and a meal at his favorite restaurant afterward. Simple idea but it would be full of happiness as he has his favorite people around him

Shopping center

shopping - Father's Day Celebration Idea 3

Stroll through an indoor shopping center (my favorite activity actually >< ) It’s a pleasant, air-conditioned place to chat, watching people, and do a little shopping. Plus, there are plenty of bathrooms, seating areas, and food and drink options for you here.

Indoor Father’s day activities - Father's Day Celebration Ideas

If he enjoys staying in, there are a number of fun indoor Father's day activities to spoil him at home that you should consider to add into your checklist

Inviting relatives and friends for a relaxed get together and hosting a potluck meal or backyard BBQ is a nice choice in the evening. You can also bake a father cake to surprise him at the end of the meal. It's a good way to make amazing memories together. (And don't forget to prepare some of his favorite songs)

BBQ - Father's Day Celebration Idea 4

Bring home a takeout meal from his favorite restaurant. Father’s Day is always best celebrated with great food.

food - Father's Day Celebration Idea 5

Get family or friends together for betting games such as card games or board games (like Jenga, charades, and Monopoly) using pennies or play money to keep things much more lighthearted and fun.

Game - Father's Day Celebration Idea 6

Watch their favorite sports on TV or an old favorite moviewith plenty of tasty snacks

Besides spending your quality time with your dad with theseFather's Day Celebration Ideas, there is something you can consider to do to make the day more memorable

This is also useful for children who live far away from their dads due to career issues.

Don't forget to have a little but thoughtful gift for your dad

Don't have to make it lavish, a thoughtful little gift can be a spotlight of the party. Here are some of our recommendations for those gifts which are practical and affordable.

A personalized gift is the perfect one Most people like customized things around them because they feel connected with those things even if they're senseless.

There are a lot of choices here, range from drinkware, shirt, necklace to posters, canvas, and blanket

Gift - Father's Day Celebration Idea 7

Gifts for Dad That Make Him Stand In Awe

Mug Father's Day Celebration Idea 8

Top Father's day daddy mugs that make your dad day (he will super happy when to see your gift)

shirt Father's Day Celebration Idea 9

Dad shirts which cover all his interest collection

Homemade Father's day card and gift ideas

If you have plenty of time and don't want to buy your Father greeting card available in store, why not create a one-of-a-kind card. It's a great way to relax and explore your creative sides and the most important is your dad will adore it forever as they are made totally with your love.

doing homemade Father's Day Celebration Idea 10

Hopefully, this list of Father's day celebration ideas will be useful to you! Now It's time for you to start off with the greatest Father's day plan of your own!


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