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We love customs mugs for a lot of reasons. They are not just practical pieces of drinkware to have in every kitchen, they also serve as a nice, special decoration in a mug collection, kitchen table, office desk, pencil holder or even planter. It’s up on the user so having a mug is never enough.

A customs mug will be a nice gift that never goes out of style as it keeps memories of special days of life and creates special moments for people. For a friend, a co-worker or a family member who loves their caffeine (that's actually most of us), you can't go wrong with custom coffee mugs and they surely love having a selection when they need that fourth or fifth cup of coffee a day.

That’s why we collected 51 most special funny coffee mugs in 2020 (those go viral in social media and e-commerce websites) that make you go WOW and will definitely crack anyone up if they receive them as a gift!

1. Funny mug for stepdad

funny coffee mug for stepdad

This is one of our trending mugs in 2020 as it has attracted more than 100.000 likes and comments on Facebook and compliments from our customers and followers. This meaningful but funny mug for your stepdad will warm up his heart and help bonding with him. The quote let your stepdad know that you always gratefully acknowledge his support to you as his own child. This definitely his favorite gifts on Father's day among others.

Small tips for the card:Don't forget to attach a nice card in the gift box. The card with your handwriting and your thoughts will make his heart melt

2. "Fart joke" mug for dad

fart stink - funny mug for dad

An absofuckinglutely funny fart joke! I bet you're thinking about your dad's face when he receives this mug. This is a great hilarious way to say I love you while you still can make fun of him and make all your family members laugh so hard at the same time.

3. World best boss tumbler  

best boss funny coffee mug

Your boss will place this tumbler on the honor corner of his desk. The tumble features stainless steel double-wall construction. It's vacuum insulated for 2X cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers, removable clear lid and textured sweat-free powder-coat.

This will make a good gift on any occasion for your boss. Let him know that you're so grateful to him then your relationship with your boss can be better than ever!

Don't forget to remind your boss the instruction (Hand Wash Only and Do Not Microwave)

4. "I speak 4 languages" mug

4 languages funny coffee mug

If you are finding a gift to the one in your friend group who constantly posts angry spelling frustrations on Facebook? Or are you just in search of a funny sarcastic new item? Well, look no further. We have you covered by our “I speak 4 languages” mug  

5. Your Personality Mug

funny coffee mug texted you people must be exhausted

This is a perfect mug for anyone (including you) who want to express their attitude and want to add personal touch in things they use! I think you’ve already thought of someone to give them this mug! It features a ceramic construction with an easy grip handle. If you find it so simple for a gift, you can fill the mug with a lot of colorful pencils to make the recipient feel more special!

6. "I used to live in your ball" mug

funny mug texted

The funny quote "I used to live in your balls” with a cute illustration will make your dad's day. You are actually a part of him before going to your mother's body. There are a lot of different versions of this mug but this is the most famous one of us and received many positive reactions from people. Don’t forget to find a nice gift box and a card with a sentimental message to your dad, then you’re all set for his day!

7. "Swimming champion" coffee mug

Swimming champion coffee mug

This coffee mug features a smiley sperm which will get big laughs out of everyone. It’s time to remind your father you’re the best swimmer out of billions other ones from him. This sturdy ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and has a deadly high-quality print so it can't fade away. You can make him feel extra special by adding some tea biscuits, tea bags, and sugar into that mug for him if he enjoys tea over coffee.

8. "Swimming champion" coffee mug ver 2

Another funny sperm mug. This "Thanks for shooting blank" mug is like a “thank you” in a funny and creative saying to your dad with full gratitude. This can be a novelty gift for the man who let you into this world on any occasion such as Father's Day, birthday, Christmas. It's sure to please the dad in your life

9. " Mess with the honk" duck coffee mug  

Have you ever seen this quote anywhere else as it went viral lately? This Untitled Goose Game which became a left-wing meme will make everybody laugh with hilarious Goose Quote Joke. This "Mess With The Honk You Get The Bonk" black mug is funny goose designed with a goose holding a bat illustration. It’s a great gift for Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, New Year’s Eve and perfect for you, your son, boyfriend, girlfriend, and especially every Gamer and Video Games Lover.

10. "Other uncles vs ME" cool coffee mug  

Enjoy morning coffee for years with this funny Other Uncles Vs Me Unicorn. It will also make you impress everyone for a boss, co-worker, friend or family members. Every single mug was printed on the highest quality ceramic to ensure the design will never fade. The mug was made out of premium strong high quality white ceramic glassware drinkware material. So it’s durable. There are 6 different colors to choose from. The long-lasting color is inside the mug and the handle. It can wash over and over with no fading.

11. "I love you" Mug for husband  

A Hilariously Funny Mug with saying is sure to give a big laugh to you or your husband on Father’s day. There is a white travel mug version to commute (fit in every car) and go hiking. Its comfort handle makes it easier to enjoy your favorite drinks on the go, while also saving money and reducing waste. You should hand wash the travel mug to make it more durable.

12. "Never make fun of your wife's decisions" mug  

Funny mug texted with

Your husband makes fun of your decision sometimes and you don't want it to happen again? This "Never make fun of your wife's decision” is a little tip for a better husband and wife relationship. This mug with hilariously sarcastic saying will make a perfect gift for husband to wife and wife to husband for birthday, anniversary, gift exchange or for no occasion.

13. Donald Trump funny quote mug  

Whether you are a diehard fan of him or hate him, this mug with sarcastic saying can make a hilarious gift to get a laugh. You dadwakes up with his morning coffee and some motivational encouragement. There is nothing more motivating than looking into this funny mug from his own children. It can be a conversation piece as well.

14. Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug

Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug

This classy and modern designed mug shows your status. Share your attitude and happiness with people around you! You can start your day right with your favorite coffee and add some energy in the afternoon by wine, beer, tequila or any other drink you love. It features a cool decoration printed with vibrant white ink. The humorous joke will bring fun to anybody and a great way to start a conversation and bring laughter to your home or workplace. The mug is packed in a durable nice gift box and guaranteed to arrive safely

15. "The bags under my eyes are designer" Mug

This quote became famous lately and it's still so hot. This is an ultimate mug for a designer friend or coworker or for you. When sleep deprivation results from something they’re really proud of! It can function as a badge of honor or a little funny gift that you give to someone to liven up their day. They will really appreciate it for sure. This mug is not only used to serve hot coffee or tea every morning but also be a nice and personalized pencil holder.

16. Pink Octopus Coffee Mug

Pink Octopus Funny Coffee Mug

This funny unique octopus shape mug will be a spotlight at any corner of your desk and make an impressive gift for any gift giving occasion. All you have to remember about this item is hand-washing it and not microwaving it. It was made of ceramic with a tactile 3D design. It looks so real and the price is just under $20!

17. "I love you with all my boobs" mug for husband/boyfriend

Another creative way to say I love you to him. This funny couple mug will make a perfect gift to your husband or your boyfriend for any gift giving occasion. The mug is printed with very high-quality ink and plus reviewers say that the seller ships the mug in protective packaging, and the writing doesn't fade away even after a lot of washes in the dishwasher.  

18. Trump Funny Mug

Trump Funny Mug

This Trump illustration mug will add some fun to your boring morning sometimes! Note that the Design was printed on one side and the handle is very comfortable for you to enjoy your favorite beverages.

19. Gag mug for friends

Gag mug for friends

Are you finding a gag mug for a gift? This can make a nice gift and bring joy to anybody on every occasion such as white elephant gift exchange, stocking stuffer or anyday you want to make it extra special.

20. Trump Sayings Mug

Trump Sayings Mug

A fun and trendy choice for everyone! It will be the first step of your Perfect Morning Routine. The seller ships the mug in a custom made safe packaging to ensure your mug arrives perfect! The design was both sides printed so it’s convenient for both left-handed and right-handed people.

21. "Don't speak" glass tea cup and coffee mug

A fun and trendy choice for everyone! It will be the first step of your Perfect Morning Routine. The seller ships the mug in a custom made safe packaging to ensure your mug arrives perfect! The design was both sides printed so it’s convenient for both left-handed and right-handed people.

22. Family Mug

Family Mug

Are you still looking for a funny mug for your family? This is definitely a gift for a fabulous family member in your life!

23. Have a Great Day Blue Mug

Does it really bug you that sometimes you felt tired with others but because of the settings, you couldn’t fully express your feeling.

You was too fed up with that conversation, but you have to stay there because of manner. I can’t teach you how to deal with that situation, though it is possible to give them a subtle hint about your wanting to end this convo. Just use this fabulously designed mug.

Shove it in their face if you want. And I’m sure that whoever that would be, he would definitely know what you mean and leave you at peace.

24. You have been poisoned Mug

Prank your friends must be one of the all-time most favorites. It is just a good way to have some fun while being silly and get a laugh out of that. Though there a countless way to pull a prank, sometimes it is not the spectaculars that takes the show.

If you happen to come across a funny coffee mug like this, it looks exactly like a totally normal, mundane-looking mug. But when the victim has his fair amount of that juicy liquid inside the mug, he will be startle to find that hidden message.

It is just a small, harmless prank to pull on a friend, but it surely will make his heart skip a beat.

25. You are not Kayne West Mug

Well… I guess that we all know who Kayne is, and if you don’t, you shouldn’t. That the dude who was trying to run for president … against Trump and other politicians in 2020.

Of course, nobody really take him seriously, and the press believed that this run for president was just another of his crazy act. Speaking of craziness, look at his twitter, they even got his tweet on a funny coffee mug.

It is clear that no matter how talented you are, you will never step on the same level as Kayne West.

26. Kick Today In The Dick Mug

Often much, you and your boyfriend had a quarrel. But his stubborn head wouldn’t give up and admit it when he was clearly in the wrong.

Well, ship this mug to him with a little card that say “Have it my way or…”.

I won’t guarantee about the effectiveness of this strategy, but you surely will cast some shade, and make him question himself … for a bit.

27. Mug for soon-to-be Dad

Is that sweet, you two got a blessing. And now, inside that tummy, a life is blossoming.

Even though from now on, you would be in a lot of trouble, but I’m pretty sure that you still want to say “thank you” to the dad.And the baby would probably be eager to see its father.

Then why don’t you get this mug to let the dad know how lucky he is to be a part of this wonderful trio? I’m sure that he will be very surprised but very emotional.

28. Being my father-in-law is the only gift you need -Mug for father in law

You are just a gorgeous being. It is just so happens that you are (or will be) taken by an extremely lucky man. And his family is just so nice.

You should really find something to give them as a way to say thanks for their blessing on your relationship. But the problem is that there is no gift that can tell them how appreciated are you.

Well, why don’t you give them yourself, as a daughter-in-law, as a gift with this cup as a little reminder of how awesome their gift is.

They’ll sure be appreciated.

29. From your champions swimmer - Funny coffee mugs for Dad

Nobody really understand the struggles of being such a talented swimmer from a very young age. Although that was basically a swim-for-your-life, you did pretty well for yourself. And as an old saying

“when you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree”

You should tell you dad how grateful you are.

And if you can’t gather your courage to do that, we have a mug for that.

It’s just a funny coffee mugs with a little doodle that really capture your message to your Dad. But he will be remind of your gratefulness.

30. I’m not sleeping - Funny dad mugs

Is you father a man who always with his dog? And all that time, he has been sleeping, but he lied to you that he was just “resting his eyes”. We all know of his trick, but we should it slide. Or at least, don’t busted his trick out loud.

Get this mug for your dad. Let him know that you know of his nonsense, but you was kind enough to keep his “secret”.

At least now, when he’s dozing off on the couch with the pooch, he has this funny coffee mug to tell others his nonsense.

31. Thanks for wiping my bum Mug

They said that babies were the cutest, that they were the angels that descend for the heaven. But what they didn’t know is that those angels have a dirty side, or I rather say a poopy side.

Yes, you heard it right. And those who has been parents will stand with me by that statement.

So if you are looking for something to give for you dad. Look no further.

Because this mug right here carries the most emotional message of all. Let him know that you are grateful for the time he wiped your bum.

32. Fuckers-in-charge - Funny Coffee mugs

Though vulgarity is not nice, it is definitely suit this tumbler.

Because it is the fucking time for you to let those fuckers in the house know who the fuck is in the fucking charge.

Those fuckers clearly have no fucking idea who is the fucking leader of the fucking pack, ‘cause they’ve been fucking running ‘round like a fucking headless snake.

But let put that to the fucking end, ‘cause when ‘em fuckers see the fucking tumbler, it will fucking remind ‘em fuckers that the fucking person holding it is the “Fuckers-in-charge of all your fucking fucks”.

33. Assistant to the Regional Manager - Gift mug for coworker

Do you happen to have a coworker who is a fan of the Office? Because if you do, then he will understand this wiseful message on the mug.

And for who still don’t understand, when you are Dwight Schrute and you work for Michael Scott at Dunder Mifflin Paper Companies in Scranton, that is your title.

“Assistant to the Regional Manager”

It is definitely not Assistant Regional Manager, it is much lower.

34. My therapist and I talk shit about you - Funny gift mug

What would you do when you are mad at your partner? Are you being sulky, or you would throw a tantrum and force him to admit his wrong-doing?

Why don’t you get your revenge in a much more clever way? Have your favorite beverage from this mug. The point is to show him the very message on this mug.

It will tell him that not only his behavior made you frustrated enough to go to a therapist but also a stranger (the therapist) agreed with you that he was wrong.

And after that, enjoy your victory.

35. My house my rules - Funny coffee mugs

Sometimes, the visitor might mistake your politeness and really make himself at home.

And that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

Not at this house, at your house.

Let that person know, who run this house, who is the owner of this fancy establishment that they have just set foot in.

Let them know deeply and clearly that it is YOUR HOUSE, YOUR RULES and that is definitely YOUR COFFEE.

36. Take me as I am unicorn - Funny mug for yourself

Life isn’t a rainbow. It is dull and depressing. It’s full of doubt and disbelief.

Then how can you enjoy yourself and be happy in such a depressing world?

Well, the answer is easy, just don’t give a shit.

Tell whoever keep doubting you that either he takes you as you are or he can kiss your ass.

Also get this mug as a reminder to yourself, that you are precious, you are unique and you are special. Don’t let anybody makes you believe other ways.

37. Peace was never an option - Untitled Goose Game Funny Mug

Are you a person of peace?

But surely you know that there are not a peaceful solution for everything, right? Especially for a goose, peace was never an option.

So if you love that Untitled Goose Game, and you often find yourself in trouble, get this mug to tell those around that while you may look harmless and innocent, things might go south really fast.

38. What Fuckery Is This - Cool mug gift

Do people often describes a cloud head? Or do you find yourself using WTF a lot?

We have a mug just for you. Up your game of asking what the fuck is going on by sipping for favorite branded coffee from this funny coffee mug.

While you still don’t have the slightest clue what is going on, others may be notified of your confusion and they may fill you in.

But still ... What Fuckery is this?

39. Camera Lenses Coffee Mug - Funny Mug for Photographer

Is that a camera lense? No, it’s not. It’s a mug.

It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves photography. People might mistake what you are holding and think that you are crazy kissing a lense.

But they will soon be taken aback when they find out that is not a lense, but a mug looking like a lense.

It’s a great gift for any photographer.

40. Facial color changing mug - Cute Mug

Isn’t it suck that you have to wake up early everyday? And coffee is the only thing that get your mood up. You can’t get a happy day without a cup of coffee.

Maybe you should let people know, when is the appropriate time to start their conversation with you. Have this mug, and you mood will be expressed without any words need to be uttered.

From sleepy to wide awake and happy, your states will be precisely describes as your funny coffee mug filled up.

And then, good morning to you.

41. You’re awesome, keep that shit up - Motivational Mug

What do you do to reward your partner’s good behavior? Maybe a pat on the head, or a long hug?

Why don’t you give them this?

It’s a funny coffee mug with a motivational message.

It sure will get their mood up in no time.

42. Shuh Duh Fuh Cup - Funny Coffee Mugs

Are they a bit loudsy? And you can’t help but wanting to shout it out loud that the should shut the F*** up?

But saying that is a little inappropriate, so why don’t you have this mug do the job for you.

Whenever you come across a loudsy one, have them speak out loud what the mug say and tell them to follow that.

The mug won’t guarantee you a peaceful time, but surely it will let that person know how much you want the wind just take his breath away.

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